Excel 2003 Tidak Bisa Move Sheet Microsoft Office

Wahyu Raja Reply 10:18 AM
Try this. It worked for me. Check that the workbooks are of same type. i.e. both are .xlxs workbooks. If not convert to same format. Close excel. Restart excel. Open both workbooks from inside the file dialogue box under Recent Documents. That is workbooks should be opened from same instance of excel opening. Select the worksheet to be copied. Right click. Click on move or copy tab. Click on Create a copy. Select the workbook to which worksheet is to be opened from To Book and choose location from "before sheet". That's it.

Artinya : :)

Kita harus buka salah satu excel kemudian buka excel tujuan yang akan kita pindahkan pada tab recent document pada file. Untuk mengenalkan excel satu sama lain.

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