Error Xampp Apache Service Not Started Solution

Wahyu Raja Reply 5:34 AM

Change Port Xampp service.

If you get it, because other port use port service apache use. So dont worry. Try this. Many ways try this. But i will give you how to change port service apache we will use later.

If you use xampp latest. You just click config apache. open httpd.conf
You find and change to :
-Listen 80 -> change 80 to port open. just try. like 89 or 8080 = Listen 89
-ServerName localhost:80 -> change 80 to port open. just try. like 89 or 8080 = ServerName localhost:89

Then. save it. now open your xampp again, still at config. open httpd-ssl.conf
You find and change to :
-Listen 443 -> change 443 to 449 = Listen 449
-<VirtualHost _default_:443> -> change 443 to 449 = <VirtualHost _default_:449>
and save again. now try run your apache. TAAARAAAA... :)

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