Warkey Dota Medan Terbaru

Wahyu Raja 5 6:50 PM
Sejak update map terbaru di dota medan, warkey yulv. tidak bisa digunakan lagi. Disini saya akan memberikan warkey dota medan terbaru yang bisa dipakai. Namanya : Wc3isk

Cara pakainya gampang saja ganti klik tombol berdasarkan inventory input tombol keyboard yang ingin dijadikan shortcut key pada warkey terserbut.

this entry is WC3ISK HOMEPAGE
!!! wc3isk source code is opened for programmers who want to upgrade wc3isk !!!
Please read information at the end of this entry

wc3isk v2.1 rc6 MD5: 1407404085E7066008EAD1DA1B26D66F
wc3isk v2.1 rc7a MD5: C183BF1832D3EB00885A5D652EF8880C

wc3isk21ab.png wc3isk21kb.png wc3isk21ms.png wc3isk21ic.png
wc3isk v2.1 rc6 -Release June-22-2011.
-Change key [space] into available Hotkey. * Read Issue (rc7a)
-Fix silly mouse bug ‘out side’ war3
-Fix mouse hotkey serious bug (one mouse click and there goes 16 times hotkey)
-Fix button [`]
-Special builds for DoTA
wc3isk v2.0f -Release on Dec-1-2009.
-Already known as final version.
-Auto acquire Admin Privilege (play nice with UAC).
wc3isk v2.0d -Release on Jun-16-2009.
-Add function: “Enable Mouse Support” for who want mouse capture.
-Add function: “Disable Wheel Scroll”.
-F8 - Toggle ON/OFF keyboard Hot-key.
wc3isk v1.0d -Release on May-23-2009.
-ESC will now cancel assign key.
-Fix some issues when assign one key to more than one button.
wc3isk v1.0: -Release in Oct-2007.
-The first stable version.
-Antique stuff

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bang request Lcntrl dong :)

mohon izin copas ke forum www.docindonesia.forum.st

ane udah coba ni bagus
nice infonya

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