VBKey Codes

Wahyu Raja Reply 4:50 PM
For those of you who don't know every vbKey code.... 

Here is a list:
vbKeyLButton    Left Mouse Button
vbKeyRButton    Right Mouse Button
vnKeyCancel     Cancel Key
vbKeyMButton    Middle Mouse button
vbKeyBack       Back Space Key
vbKeyTab        Tab Key
vbKeyClear      Clear Key
vbKeyReturn     Enter Key
vbKeyShift      Shift Key
vbKeyControl    Ctrl Key
vbKeyMenu       Menu Key
vbKeyPause      Pause Key
vbKeyCapital    Caps Lock Key
vbKeyEscape     Escape Key
vbKeySpace      Spacebar Key
vbKeyPageUp     Page Up Key
vbKeyPageDown   Page Down Key
vbKeyEnd        End Key
vbKeyHome       Home Key
vbKeyLeft       Left Arrow Key
vbKeyUp         Up Arrow Key
vbKeyRight      Right Arrow Key
vbKeyDown       Down Arrow Key
vbKeySelect     Select Key
vbKeyPrint      Print Screen Key
vbKeyExecute    Execute Key
vbKeySnapshot   Snapshot Key
vbKeyInsert     Insert Key
vbKeyDelete     Delete Key
vbKeyHelp       Help Key
vbKeyNumlock    Delete Key

vbKeyA through vbKeyZ are the key code constants for the alphabet
vbKey0 through vbKey9 are the key code constants for numbers
vbKeyF1 through vbKeyF16 are the key code constants for the function keys
vbKeyNumpad0 through vbKeyNumpad9 are the key code constants for the numeric key pad

Math signs are:
vbKeyMultiply      -  Multiplication Sign (*)
vbKeyAdd             - Addition Sign (+)
vbKeySubtract     - Minus Sign (-)
vbKeyDecimal    - Decimal Point (.)
vbKeyDivide        - Division sign (/)
vbKeySeparator  - Enter (keypad) sign

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